The Piratess Carola is free


The new Italian heroine, the fearless Piratess against the far right Interior Minister Salvini, has been freed since a few hours; she was in fact arrested because with her ship brought some migrants safe on Lampedusa coast, with an act of civil disobedience.

Obviously Italian astrologers would kill their mother in order to have her astrological data, which were nowhere. Luckily (poor thing) she was arrested and obliged to give her birthday date.


                                   (unknown hour) – source: Grazia Bordoni

Without any known hour we can say very little, but we can say something about the qualities of the soul, and it is not so little.
According Ptolemy in fact the qualities of the soul depend on the Moon and Mercury, which are the irrational and the rational soul.  Now, they should be related to each other in order to give the native a temperate and balanced soul and so they are, because they are in trine from the Air signs, and obviously share their triplicity ruler too.
It’s evident she is inclined to studies and in fact she has a brilliant resume. Only 31, she has already a Master of Sciences, she had several experiences in natural expeditions and  at the moment she is the Captain of the ship owned by a German charity,  the Sea Watch III.

She had disobeyed Italian military orders and entered the port of Lampedusa with her Sea-Watch boat carrying 40 people from African countries plucked from the waters of the Mediterran by human rights activists. Rackete faced up to 10 years in prison on possible charges of endangering the lives of four police officers for hitting a patrol boat at the quay.

Mercury, in its sign Gemini, is in its heliacal rising, and free from malefics and gives her – according Ptolemy, Quadripartite, book III, 13:

positions in the orient …… and in particular those which are in proper face, produce liberal, simple, self-willed, strong, noble, keen, open souls.

Air signs, known in the Middle Ages and Renaissance  as hot and moist, or Sanguine, are well known for producing the best temperament as Culpeper puts:

They are merry, liberal, bountiful, courteous, bold enough, merciful, trusty, faithful and of good behaviour;

In addition the Moon is applying to Jupiter, which is the hot and moist planet. And she could be not different.

Good luck. Carola.










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