Stars, stones, herbs, images of Quindecim Stellis according La révélation d’Hermès Trismégiste (1944)

  1. A longer Latin version from an Arabic text attributed to Mashallah (maybe a synthesis of a Greek text known as Hermes’ Quadripartite because it is divided into 4 chapters: stars, stones, herbs, images.
  2. An abridged version divided into 15 chapters, each of them describing a star, a stone, an herb, an image and known as Book of Enoch.
  3. A column edited in Evans’ book published in 1922 and translated in English by Greer and Warnock.

In 1944 the Dominican friar, philologist and scholar André-Jean Festugière, author of the French translation of the Corpus Hermeticum, wrote a book about the Hermetic magical texts: La Révélation d’Hermès Trismégiste and one of the texts examined was the Quindecim Stellis. This is the translation of the table given by Festugiere.

Table of correspondences of 15 stars

ALDEBARANRubySpurgeGod or fighting man
ALCYONECrystal FennelLamp or girl
CAPUT ALGOLDiamondHelleboreMan’s head with blood on neck
CAPELLASapphireHorehoundMan who takes fun in music
SIRIUS BerylSavine Hare or beautiful girl
PROCYONAgatePrimroseCock or three girls
COR LEONISGarnetCelandineCat or lion or sitting courtier
ALA CORVIOnyx BurdockRaven or dove or black man in black clothes
SPICAEmerald SageBird or merchant
ARCTURUSJasperPlantain Playing man or horse or wolf
URSA MINORMagnetChicoryCalf or bull or thinking man
ALPHECCATopazRosemaryCrowned man or hen
COR SCORPIONISSardonyx & AmethystBirthwort An armed man with a sword in his hand
VEGAChrysoliteSavoryVulture or hen, a traveller
CAUDA CAPRICORNIChalcedonyMarjoramGoat or angry man


A. J. Festugière. La revelation d’Hermes Trismegiste. Paris: J. Gabalda, 1944.

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