Placidian directions with Bianchini’s latitude in Worsdale’s Collection of nativities

Reading a Facebook post about the opening nativity of Worsdale’s Collection of Remarkable Nativities (1) about the nativity of Robert, an unfortunate child, found dead in 1797, without any reason.

This is his chart as drawn by John Worsdale.

The Nativity of Robert Twelves

Then the astrologers rectifies the nativity: in fact when Robert was three, he had a limb broken.

This is Worsdale direction:

It could be the usual “Placidian” direction: we know in fact that directions to Ascendant are given by the Oblique Ascension of two points, in this case Saturn’s opposite place and the Ascendant.

But Worsdale is using Bianchini correction for latitude. In fact he says he is taking “the opposite place of Saturn with contrary latitude.”

In this case Saturn’s opposition latitude will be 2.27 N (Saturn was 2.27 S)

This is a case of a method generally used with Regiomontanus directions which is applied to Placidian ones.

And voila Worsdale calculation redone by Morinus software-

(1) John Worsdale, A Collection of Remarkable Nativities: Calculated According to the Rules and Precepts of Claudius Ptolemy, Proving the Truth and Verity of Astrology, in Its Genethliacal Part. By John Worsdale (printed and sold for the author by Messrs. Ridge; sold also by Messrs. Robinson, London; Drury, Lincoln; Hurst, Grantham; Thornhill, Seaford, 1799).

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