A Christmas Comet (according traditional astrology)


Let’s take a closer look at this Christmas comet, as the comet 46P/Wirtanen has been nicknamed, being visible just before Christmas. Continue reading A Christmas Comet (according traditional astrology)

The Decans of Albumasar

After some years from the first edition, the Decans of Albumasar comes back in a paper edition with a detailed preface about the use of decans and the story of this book.

The Decans of Albumasar is a must-read book for astrologers and occultists. It offers the original images of 36 decans, copied in Picatrix, in De Philosophia Occulta, and in tons of other ancient or modern books.

In addition the book gives the properties and the meaning of the fixed stars arising with each decan, with quotes from other significant texts on fixed stars and beibenie.




DJ FAbo, Placidian directions and how to get them with Phasis & Morinus

A friend of mine asked me this morning how to get Placidus’ zodiacal directions in Phasis (1) and Morinus (2), two well known applications for traditional astrology.
Do Morinus and Phasis give the same result? The answer is yes, they do.
Let us choose our example chart, Fabiano Antoniani, the Italian A 39-year-old Italian DJ left blind and tetraplegic by a 2014 car crash, DJ Fabo,  dead after an assisted suicide procedure in Switzerland. (3)

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