Stars, stones, herbs, images of Quindecim Stellis according La révélation d’Hermès Trismégiste (1944)

The so called

Quindecim stellis

Courtesy Morgan Library, Confessio Amantis

is one the most famous astro-magical treatises of Middle Ages, and it was incorporated in several Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern books, for example in Ficino’s De Vita III and Agrippa’s Philosophia Occulta.

There are several variants, mostly divided into 3 groups:

Dodekatemoria in Alfonso d’Este Anonymous horoscope



Several years ago I commented some techniques employed by an unknown astrologer in a judgement written for Alfonso d’Este, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Ferrara. This judgement contains many  tables summarizing several traditional techniques: of some I have already talked here.

Someone asked  me about the table concerning dodekatemoria.

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The Piratess Carola is free


The new Italian heroine, the fearless Piratess against the far right Interior Minister Salvini, has been freed since a few hours; she was in fact arrested because with her ship brought some migrants safe on Lampedusa coast, with an act of civil disobedience.

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The fire of Notre Dame in Paris


Bonatti, Treatise VII, On elections/house IV, chapter 6: on the destruction of constructed buildings

Venus ruler of the Ascendant is in the cadent sixth house (the ineffective house where Mars rejoices), in aversion with the Ascendant.  Saturn, who rules Libra by exaltation, is strong in the fourth house, together with the malefic South Node, of Mars and Saturn nature.
The Ascendant is in an airy sign, as Bonatti states, and the Ascendant ruler is matutine (Bonatti says western, but Venus and Mercury have their best in the occidental/vespertine side).

The Virgo Moon is besieged by the malefics: separating from the Sun (which is a natural malefic for her) and applying to Mars, the malefic out of sect. She is cadent from the Sun (it is in the sixth house from the Sun in Aries) as Bonatti again wants.

In the ninth house of religion, churches and Christian faith Mars is with the brilliant of Taurus, Aldebaran, the beibenia of Mars and Venus nature: its colour is fiery red and its stones are ruby and garnet. Aldebaran as all the hearts of the fixed signs gives riches and opulence but it is violent and destroying.