The Paris attack

“Police reported that at least 128 people had been killed and up to 300 more injured – including 80 critically – in yesterday’s six attacks, France’s deadliest since the second world war and the worst witnessed in Europe since the 2004 Madrid railway bombings” says The Guardian. (1) ” What about astrology?

Let us start from the event chart, cast for November, 13th 2015 h:9:21 pm


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A review of the Arabic Centiloquium with a comment to Aphorism n.30

Last week the Arabic version of Centiloquium edited and translated by Giuseppe Bezza and Franco Martorello arrived on my desktop. It is a long-awaited book and I believe it is worth the wait, all Bezza’s books should be bought sight unseen, there is always so much to learn.

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Obama and the retrograde Mercury

Being obliged to wait spring for Italian political elections (moreover without so young and  charming candidates) I’d like to give a look to Obama’s elections or better to some predictions, moreover successful for which I should congratulate with the authors (I surely could not do the same) .

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2012 Italian earthquake

A couple of weeks ago,  on May 20th 2012, a 6.1  Richter earthquake  woke up at 4.03  a.m.  Ferrara and whole Emilia, with the result of 6 casualties, historical buildings in ruin, and several cracks in houses and industrial buildings. It’s very shocking to see  on tv all this desperation and ruins, especially because we have friends living in that area, and we know it should be very difficult for them in these days.

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