Relocating solar returns?

Being an Italian it’s almost impossible now and then avoiding  supporters of relocated solar returns and travel solar returns: however every cloud has a silver lining so a recent thread on an Italian list  gives me the opportunity to write some short notes about the matter.

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Of the division of times

Being Ptolemy reputed even between the flags of the revival of traditional astrology a compiler hired “by some rich man”  (( James H.Holden for Nina Gryphon: Ptolemy went down to the Alexandrian Library and got out two or three books on astrology, read through them, and then thought, well, I’ll talk about this part of it, and wrote the Tetrabiblos. sic! )) could be helpful re-read some of his chapters. One of the most interesting ones is the one closing the Tetrabiblos, about the future times.

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Profections and birth rectification

While I was writing the article about profections, for a strange coincidence I received the latest  number of Phos, the journal issued by CieloeTerra for their members, dedicated to same subject.

The article written by Marco Fumagalli, very beautiful in the content and sophisticated for graphics, on line here, uses profections to rectify birth times. It gives many examples, included Michael Jackson birth chart, confirming the birth time as rectified by Ben Dykes in his well known article. This is not a new technique: profections can be used as a rectification tool together other astrological tools.

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divisors, chronocrators, almutens and more in a Renaissance geniture

Very recently the Italian astrologer Grazia Bordoni put on line here for  her column in the  site Armonics an old lecture written  by Maurizio Malagoli  for Venice CIDA Congress about the geniture of Alfonso d’Este, illegitimate son of the Duke of Ferrara Alfonso I,  Lucrezia Borgia husband.

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Seeing in the future: solar returns, profections, directions

If the primary directions were surely the favourite tool of the traditional astrologer, they generally were used together with solar returns and profections. Only combining the three tools together a prediction is possible- something very far from the modern use of transits.

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