Aphorisms about lust

After having examined a little the afflictions of rational soul in the previous post, we can move to the afflictions linked with sexuality, which are grouped in traditional astrology under the file “afflictions of the sensitive soul.”
Andrea Argoli gives a list of aphorisms, very easy to check, to which I added two sample charts, in order to verify their effectiveness.

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About beibenie stars and their virtues

A couple of weeks ago  Dr. Ben Dykes- one of my favourite translators, one of the very few to have a proper curriculum studiorum, when the  greater part has a self education, ie no title and competence – posted in Deborah Houlding site a preview of his last work Persian nativities–  which includes al-Khayyat’s Judgement on nativities, and Liber Aristotilis,  a work written by Mashallah and then translated in Latin by Hugo of Santalla around 1100, which is more interesting for me.

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