About Cardano’s seven segments (aphorisms): a review

I see from the net that the first chapter of Seven Segments “”translated” by Anton Grigoryev and Valeria Livina is ready for download in Anton’s site, so I’m obliged again to spend some words about Anton Grigoryev, a “man” who makes his name of astrologer copying and paste others’ work.

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A new subscription to AM

This morning I tried to renew my subscription to Angelicus Merlin list, from which I was deleted almost an year ago.

Which was my fault and mistake? That I told in public that Anton Grigoryev stole my money and betrayed a 4 years friendship.

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Some personal notes


Caesar divorced Pompeia at once, but when he was summoned to testify at the trial, he said he knew nothing about the matters with which Clodius was charged.  His statement appeared strange, and the prosecutor therefore asked, “Why, then, didst thou divorce thy wife?” “Because,” said Caesar, “I thought my wife ought not even to be under suspicion.” (Plutarch, Parallel lives, Caesar X )


Unfortunately, I should use this blog for some personal notes.

Still I had no back my money from the astrologer ANTON GRIGORYEV. I don’t understand how I should do to mend this, because it’s a lot of money and I gave it to a friend since 4 years, who suddenly disappeared without replying to any mail, or call.  And I could have my credit card  back just after months and because someone pushed him.

I tried and tried to write him, but obviously we are talking about someone who lives out of Italy, so it was very easy for him disappearing with  my money in his wallet.

For me it’s very difficult to understand Anton’s reasons, because I opened my house to him and I was completely sure about his honesty:  I helped him in every way and the same did my friends in Rome .

And when some time after, they advised me against him I always replied them, they did not know him, but it seems eventually the only one who was wrong was me. Anton knew this, still he had no doubt to disappear with my money, obviously without any explication, overnight, sweeping even last 35 euros from my credit card.

What puzzles me more it is complete lacking of dignity in front of colleagues he met here, or the astrological international community. He was called a thief in public, and he cannot say a word to explain his position.

Even in Russia, his country, very recently this story was discussed in a Russian forum, all the events were re-told and re-told, print screen of Giuseppe Bezza  and CieloeTerra Italian traditional astrology association works used by Anton Grigoryev as “his” works, together with evidence that Anton lectured in 2007 in his name with an article we published and lectured together in 2006. And which was Anton’s reply to all these awful accusations, plagiarism, robbing to women, breaking given word?

no one, silence.

So even  his Russian colleagues should admit:

"What is agreed is that waiting for an adequate response from Anton is equivalent to find the pulse in a prosthesis" -a Russian astrologer about Anton Grigoryev and his impossibility of giving whatever explication

On the other blog yesterday I received this comment from Dorothy J.Kovach  about the source of money and the “plastic card” (as Anton Grigoryev called it in a post about me, so shameless  and absurd, that he understood it was better delete it).


The money involved was for money that was from Antons translation, not Margherita. It was placed at my website, I also worked on this translation.

The money involved is was lent to Anton by me, and it is not the one coming from Anton translations. I have receipts of Anton’s  withdrawals from Russia.


By the way, I am the so called ‘common friend’ that got Margherita back her so called credit card, which she could have cancelled at any time.

The “so-called credit card” i.e. a VISA card from Poste Italiane, the most wanted card by Italians ….. Anton needed in every case because from Russia people cannot withdraw money from Paypal without a card like that.

I did not expect any money, nor did Margherita, until she criticize one of Antons translations

I criticized his translations because they were wrong ( he insisted for 1 year that the  Latin word caelum was chisel rather than  the common sky) and as a friend I told him.

But Anton does not like this, because he knows his Latin is very poor – he is little more than a beginner and he can do the expert just when people does not Latin.

And the quality of his Greek translations can be seen here:


and Margherita was rude to him, so he stopped talking to her, because she can be, as you can see, very insulting, and as you can see,

I was rude with Anton? When? Everybody told me I should not trust in him because he was a liar and a cheater and I insisted and insisted this was not true, and they did not know Anton, because he was the dearest boy in the world. Which result?

if she does not get what she wants she will make up lies, vicious lies.

Which lies? I have letters and receipts to show.

The point is exactly the opposite one. We are talking about a “man” who can take money from a woman and then he broke what I believed a friendship (after 4 years!) and refuses to repay his debt, without any thought if the I can deal with the loss of money (which is a lot for me, it’s more than 1500 euro) , without a “thanks” for having for 2 years my credit card in his wallet and using it when he was obliged to send it back, and with the fact that I believed so much in him to trust blindly in him and his words, sure that no problem could derive from him.

And what Anton Grigoryev replied me when I asked why he was doing all this?

When one is honest is worried about Police’s actions? I believe not. Especially because, it’s true I wrote so many times to Anton telling him, I cannot believe he was a thief, and that he should say in every moment I was wrong about him.

Still he never told me. He just asked his friends if he could steal without problems.

The point is the ENVY and the ARROGANCE.

My fault in Anton Grigoryev’s mind is that I’m from Rome, it’s impossible to believe, I could not when my friends explained me, but it is like that. I shared all my things with him, but it was not enough for him, he felt I could say something he does not know. And Anton wants to be always right and does not hear anybody else. He thinks that to be a friend means to say always “you are right”. I believed I could say freely with him, but it was not possible. According Anton caelum was chisel and no way to persuade he was wrong and he said me (as usually I have letters) that Feraboli, the greatest expert of star catalogues and a professor of Greek in the University had invented quotes from Hipparchos. Anton knew more than Feraboli and I should say so to be his friend.

To be Anton’s friend one should be a stupid and say always how wonderful he is, he does not want people who read books around him. For him life is a competition and he should always win even when others think there is no competition at all.

I never saw things like that, I trusted blindly in Anton against the advice of everybody and I lost my money and more than this, I was always sure that people is honest and true and a promise is a promise, but unfortunately it’s not like that.

A man who profits from a woman heart to steal her money and her things, in Italy is a profiteer and a worm. If abroad everything is possible and licit, I don’t know. A man can steal from a woman and a friend and then going on to have a blog and writing in a international list and be the moderator there? Everything is ok and licit or there are some rules of honesty and dignity?

Anton Grigoryev surely does not know any rule, if he can steal to women and copy his works here and there without giving proper credit to the authors.

But Anton – the one who in his blog still has as his the article about Agostino Chigi written and published with my name together with his and that everybody can read in my blog-  can say in the post about me he deleted (for shame, sure):

Her latest threat is to tell Giuseppe Bezza that I stole his lectures and claimed them as my own. This shameless Fiorello never heard even one my lecture, she can’t undestand Russian at all, but without any shame she alleges publicly that my lectures is stolen from Bezza!

In fact….





Girolamo Manfredi:


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Unfortunately still on “Anton’s” comet

In the last comment I wrote that I would close comments about that awful man, Anton Grigoryev, a man who can steal to a woman and a friend who opened her house twice and believed he was a friend for   4 YEARS.

Anyway I should reply to this:


considering that Anton after having disappeared without giving me back more than 1000,oo euro, and should be pushed from someone else to send me at least my credit card, that I was so stupid to lend him.

Moreover Valeria Livina and Anton are like the fox and cat in the famous fable, considering that they are engaged in , I’m copying from Internet :


Unfortunately the complete version of Cardano aphorisms translated in Italian by Giuseppe Bezza (and published by Xenia in 1998 ) is already in Anton’s library, because we bought together in the bookshop I drove him the first time he was my guest in 2005.

So how they could go around telling is the “first translation from Latin”  is a mistery to me, better it would be a mistery if we were talking of the boy who I believed, at this point….

Moreover for me it’s very difficult to understand how Anton could translate from Renaissance Latin when he was unable to translate  sentences like that (I will send copies of mails in the case):

“Vir forma Ethiopi similis, multe pene, gravis anxie” , the man  with many pains who became “The man with a long penis “ 🙂 or

“Post hos res quedam nomine Celum. ” Anton’s translation “and then something called CHISEL !!!!”

Here we are talking about someone who writes he is translating Cardano Latin and then he cannot understand SKY , caelum in  a translation about stars. Strange knowledge of Latin, no?

About Giuseppe  Bezza “Arcana Mundi”  what I should say? How I can have at home a Medieval manuscript which is kept in Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris? I’m not living in Anton’s house, so I cannot have all the  valuable manuscripts – apparently they are in the most famous libraries in the world, but I should miss something -and incunabola from which he takes his quotes every time.

Surely it comes from Arcana Mundi, the very same book I found for Anton in a library here and then we copied together, as I copied for him many books in all these years.

What about the Spanish Zodiologion in Anton’s article? It comes from Vatican Library (closed since 2006)  or from the edited version published by Alfonso D’Agostino, I bought for Anton here?

About the sources I don’t want say nothing about lines 4, 7, 34… If traditional sources are not in agreement are not traditional by definition. Everybody can easily change a name with another.

Moreover we are talking of the same man who writes in his blog about “HIS” lecture about Farnesina frescos in 2007  when  WE wrote together the lecture and article published in Italy in 2006, with both names obviously. You can read the text of the lecture here:

But Anton can write this

I’m very tired of this story.

I just know that I believed Anton a friend, I opened my house to him, I introduced him to my friends and other colleagues, who gave him the possibility to write articles with our Italian astrological journal. I opened for him the Paypal account and I gave him my credit card.

I trusted blindly for 4 years, when everybody advised he was just a scondrel, but I did not want believe them. Then he just disappeared without giving me back money or the card and without any word of explication. He just witdrew the remaining 35 euro from Paypal sending the money  to Valeria Livina and this was the end of 4 years friendship.

In his mind  I should be quiet and let me steal things and money without a word. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Anton is without any shame of his actions, he can cheat people and sell them Bezza translation as his, and doing the same with Bezza astrological course, and steal money to friends.

And he knows quite well which consideration and which fame 😦 he has now inside Astrological Italian Association, especially inside its Board of Directors.

For me a man who can steal from a friend, moreover a woman, is less than a worm.




Anton Grigoryev, comet Lulin and copies of astrological posts

Surfing the net this morning I found this article posted today

in the blog of Anton Grigoryev

which is the copycat of my post about the comet Lulin written the 9th of February:


Cardano became Campanella and PseudoPtolemaus Ephastio, but what? Obviously traditional sources are in agreement.

So please let’s try to respect others’work.

There is even the picture of the constellation as I did!

Moreover Anton Grigoryev was a friend with whom I shared everything for 4 years, to whom I opened my house in Rome, and who disappeared without any word and without giving back  money I gave to him,  a lot of money for me.

He knows quite well next week I will go to the Police in fact.

I believed he was a dear friend, I asked him to avoid this shame of Police, but the only reply I have is his copy-cat post.

I believe that in life one should be honest and true with everybody, and a man who steals money to a woman is a shameful view. Especially  when he writes her she is a stupid and then he copies her post.

p.s. the reference for Cardano and the comets against the order of the signs is in the post of the 1st February, to be precise


Added the 22nd of February:

Moreover there are things unclear to me in his article. In the part where he does not follow my article, obviously 🙂 the part about images of Astrolabium Planum – Anton writes “Johannes Engel says in his book that his list of degree symbols is based on the manuscript attributed to Pietro d’Abano. Only one manuscript with this text survived, and rather of all it is precisely the same manuscript used by Engel. Sometimes Engel rather paraphrase the manuscript, but this symbol he repeats almost verbatim.”

The manuscript in Munchen library is quite different. Federici Vescovini – the Italian expert of Abano who found the manuscript  describes it in one of her lectures. The three facies at the beginning of every sign are missing. In fact Engel in adding them is not using the facie rulership used in Albumasar chapter which is the source of the book – and there  is no trace of the famous pictures.  So according the Italian Professor, Engel largely reshaped the text. I’m translating her words verbatim.

This is the incipit of Aries, in fact (Wikipedia miracles):

How Anton can know the surviving manuscript is “the same manuscript used by Engel” this is a mistery to me.

In every case Abano took his book by the Spanish iluminated book written in the Court of Alphonse the Wise. Translation of the pages about paranatellonta have been translated by me last year, and could be downloaded here.