We can be heroes, a short reading about David Bowie’s life and death

A very quick look to David Bowie’s chart in the day of his death.  The chart is cast for 9:00 am, the birth time given by parents and the former wife (1), but we like a lot because of Venus culminating at MC.

David Bowie 08/01/1947 h 9:00 am London

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Relocating solar returns?

Being an Italian it’s almost impossible now and then avoiding  supporters of relocated solar returns and travel solar returns: however every cloud has a silver lining so a recent thread on an Italian list  gives me the opportunity to write some short notes about the matter.

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Love in Renaissance Rome

This morning, as every year, I visited the traditional  Christmas books’ exhibition and I had the opportunity to attend a lecture about the star crossed love between Raffaello Sanzio, the famous painter and the beautiful Fornarina, made immortal by one of his paintings.

Who was that woman is not clear but many say she was Agostino Chigi‘s wife, the richest man of  Europe.

Agostino was not just a famous banker but even a famous  artists’ patron and a believer of astrology. He had painted for his villa alongside Tiber one of the most important and beautiful astrological ceiling of every age.

Some years ago this was the subject of one of most wonderful lectures at the Italian Astrological Association Congress, still now strange and  ill fated  events don’t allow the translation of  the complete text. At the moment what remains is the mysterious birth chart of Agostino, future is in God’s hands.

Agostino Chigis birthchart
Agostino Chigi's birthchart

Diaz, Giuliani and astrology

There are several good reasons why we should not forget what happened to Covell, then aged 33, that night in Genoa. The first is that he was only the beginning. By midnight on July 21 2001, those police officers were swarming through all four floors of the Diaz Pertini building, dispensing their special kind of discipline to its occupants, reducing the makeshift dormitories to what one officer later described as “a Mexican butcher’s shop”. They and their colleagues then illegally incarcerated their victims in a detention centre, which became a place of dark terror.

From The Guardian

Now we have the pictures (again from British press) of policemen introducing molotovs into the school, the same molotovs Policemen say were in the School – this is in fact true, policemen took them inside, not occupants.

In this moment it’s difficult forgetting Carlo Giuliani, the 23 years old boy killed by a Policeman during G8.

But considering we are doing astrology, let’s see the chart for the event, one of the dreadful ones  I remember in the modern story of Italy.

Sagittarius is rising and Jupiter is on the cusp of the 8th house, in his exaltation in Cancer..
Mercury ruler of the 7th house, is in the 8th and it is separating from Jupiter.

Moon is applying to the Sun in the 8th house of death.

Mars – (violent) policemen and hidden enemies angular at the Ascendant.

Jupiter is square at MC – Government.

Anton Grigoryev astrologer

This is denunce to the Police against  Anton Grigoryev , astrologer,

the one I believed a dear friend since years ,

No words to define Anton. Is there something more shameful and mean that a man who can profit from a woman disappearing with her money?

And how this man can dare going on writing of astrology without any dignity and honour?

And the same playing with primary directions. How is it so important calculate them by hand when one is a thief and a profiteer of women?

With his behaviour he betrayed and broke friendship and hospitality

and covered with shame his country, I would never believed it and I will never understand him.

Maybe astrology is not enough to make people honest and true….

Антон Григорьев астролог