Costa Concordia Captain Schettino birth chart

Thanks to two excellent astrologers and friend of mine, Grazia Bordoni and Tommaso Crisci, who  discovered the birth time (from birth certificate) we can give a look to Captain Schettino  – the (un)famous  captain who led to disaster the ship Costa Concordia, while was showing his guests Giglio Island and his skills with a near-shore salute.
The result of his conversations with the Captain Gregorio De Falco “”Get the fuck back on board!” has become since then a rebel yell for the new Italy (without Berlusconi).

But let’s give a look to his birth chart.

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The Concordia shipwreck

Last Friday the cruise ship Costa Concordia, a luxury ship and the largest built in Italy had a fatal shipwreck in front of Giglio island, few hours from departure. At the moment there are at least 3 victims and around 60 are lost at the sea. In the last hours three people are being rescued (they were in the part of the ship not yet sunk. Rescue operations can be possible only in that part, and moreover rescuers  risk their life because the ship can suddenly sank if the rock would fail.

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Reading a birth chart: a geniture according traditional astrology

The following text was written in the last summer and concludes the yearly meetings between Giancarlo Ufficiale, a founding member of Cieloeterra, who coordinated the group, Paola Fornai, a CIDA certified member, and the gentle author of this blog. The method is the one taught in Almugea School, inspired to the methods of traditional astrology, as made known by CieloeTerra, the Italian Association for Traditional Astrology. ((General references can be found in the websites of Almugea,  of Apotelesma,  and  obviously CieloeTerra .))
The article has been firstly published in Linguaggio Astrale no. 187, Autumn 2010, under the original name of GINO STRADA, PEACE AND LOVE: una genitura secondo l’astrologia classica (by  Giancarlo Ufficiale, Paola Fornai, Margherita Fiorello)

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Death at G20

Yesterday 01 st April 2009 at 7:30 pm a man has been found dead during the protests at the G20 summit in London.

English police is not like Italian one, so they did not shoot at him as they did with Carletto Giuliani during Genoa G8. Maybe the man collapsed during the protests, I read here and there yesterday the police did not attack protesters, just kept protesters inside  closed areas.

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