Johannes Lydus on comets

Comets – like the one it’s told showed the road to Magi- the learned astrologers arrived from far East in order to worship the baby Jesus – always show supernatural events because of their unpredictable nature;  they suddenly appeared in the sky and suddenly disappeared, they did not have a fixed path like the wandering stars. They did not have any place in the fixed and perfect world of Greeks, but they rather were harbingers of chaos and disorder.

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A Medieval astrologer about Halley Comet in 1301

In the moment everybody is looking in the sky for the Comet Lulin, I believe of some interest reading what a Medieval astrologer wrote about the famous Halley comet in 1301.

This passage was so famous that many scholars believe that the Italian painter Giotto painted Halley comet in his  painting for the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.

Is it really like that? Searching a little in the Internet sea I found an interesting thread about another possibility, which could have some truth in my opinion.

Giotto is well known  because he painted the original frescos of  Palazzo della Ragione in the same city of Padua, which were inspired to the astrological work of Pietro Abano about images rising with 360 degrees of Zodiac. Giotto’s frescos were destroyed in a fire, and then reproduced again, the Medieval version of Astrolabium Planum which tourists can admire in their visit to the city.

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Anton Grigoryev, comet Lulin and copies of astrological posts

Surfing the net this morning I found this article posted today

in the blog of Anton Grigoryev

which is the copycat of my post about the comet Lulin written the 9th of February:

Cardano became Campanella and PseudoPtolemaus Ephastio, but what? Obviously traditional sources are in agreement.

So please let’s try to respect others’work.

There is even the picture of the constellation as I did!

Moreover Anton Grigoryev was a friend with whom I shared everything for 4 years, to whom I opened my house in Rome, and who disappeared without any word and without giving back  money I gave to him,  a lot of money for me.

He knows quite well next week I will go to the Police in fact.

I believed he was a dear friend, I asked him to avoid this shame of Police, but the only reply I have is his copy-cat post.

I believe that in life one should be honest and true with everybody, and a man who steals money to a woman is a shameful view. Especially  when he writes her she is a stupid and then he copies her post.

p.s. the reference for Cardano and the comets against the order of the signs is in the post of the 1st February, to be precise

Added the 22nd of February:

Moreover there are things unclear to me in his article. In the part where he does not follow my article, obviously 🙂 the part about images of Astrolabium Planum – Anton writes “Johannes Engel says in his book that his list of degree symbols is based on the manuscript attributed to Pietro d’Abano. Only one manuscript with this text survived, and rather of all it is precisely the same manuscript used by Engel. Sometimes Engel rather paraphrase the manuscript, but this symbol he repeats almost verbatim.”

The manuscript in Munchen library is quite different. Federici Vescovini – the Italian expert of Abano who found the manuscript  describes it in one of her lectures. The three facies at the beginning of every sign are missing. In fact Engel in adding them is not using the facie rulership used in Albumasar chapter which is the source of the book – and there  is no trace of the famous pictures.  So according the Italian Professor, Engel largely reshaped the text. I’m translating her words verbatim.

This is the incipit of Aries, in fact (Wikipedia miracles):

How Anton can know the surviving manuscript is “the same manuscript used by Engel” this is a mistery to me.

In every case Abano took his book by the Spanish iluminated book written in the Court of Alphonse the Wise. Translation of the pages about paranatellonta have been translated by me last year, and could be downloaded here.

An astrological reading of the comet Lulin


Comets have fascinated people since antiquity, who considered them as a sign for future events.

They could be for the good if Venusian or Jupiterian comets – and here it’s easy to think to  Julius Caesar’s star, but more often they were malefic in nature, of Mars and Saturn nature.

Some say in fact that Electra seeing Troy on fire, tore her hair till they were taken in the sky.

But obviously the reference for comets was Aristotle, whose theory remained undisputed till the appearance of supernovae at the end of XVI century. Aristotle viewed in fact the Universe as made of the four elements, which were confined to the imperfect sublunar world. A fifth Element divided the sublunar space from the supralunar one, where the planets and the fixed stars moved around perfect spheres. When the exalations from the sublunar world were heated by the Sun, part of them evaporated and the rest, their airy part,  arrived at the border of the fiery sphere and ignited because of the friction of their motion. They were  turned into comets.  Even if still part of our imperfect world they had glimpsed the perfection of heavens.

So the new comet Lulin, which is going to be more and more brilliant in the sky in these days deserves some consideration from astrologers.

The comet was discovered on 11 July 2007 in China. We don’t know the exact  time, so we can cast the chart for the syzygy preceding the event.

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Cardano on wars of religion

Gustave Dorè - Templars and Saracens

While talking about the meaning of comets moving against the order of the signs (like the comet Lulin)-  in his  comment to Tetrabiblos –   Girolamo Cardano explains why this is so a bad omen, with reasons unfortunately very true for present time.

This means heresy and perturbation in religions, because men can make evil in everything but especially in wars of religion, when they perform the cruelest violence against children and infants, and kill with their crusades, and make slaves their prisoners, destroy fields, some men believe to obey God, others make believe.