Andrea Argoli on decumbiture

Having explained signs of illness in solar return, Argoli  explains in his De Diebus Criticis how to judge illness from decumbiture, ie. the chart for the moment of the illness.

In these pages Argoli who studied medicine before becoming a lecturer of mathematics in La Sapienza (in the very University the gentle author of this article studied many, many years later 🙂 ) associates several kind of galenic fevers, hectic, quartan, ephemeral and so on to the planets.

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Will the king of Naples die?

The following is the translation from Latin of an horary question  asked to the prophet- astrologer Annius of Viterbo. The querent is Galeazzo Sforza, duke of Milan, who was inquiring about the health of his enemy Don Ferrante of Aragon, King of Naples, who was sick in his bed.

Planetary positions as given in the Latin  text are:

Sun 11 Sagittarius, Moon 24 Libra, Mercury 11 Sagittarius, Venus 29 Scorpio, Mars 9 Virgo, Jupiter 9 Aquarius, Saturn 9 Leo Rt., Dragon Head 2 Libra.

The question is if the King is dead, he is going to die or if he will recover.

In the beginning I was in doubt if this is a radical chart, but after checking carefully the chart where Mars ruler of the Ascendant, and   ruler of MC by exaltation, and ruler of the Sun by exaltation is in the sixth house, I judged it radical enough. It means You are worried with the illness of the King, and because  it’s the ruler of  both the Ascendant and the eighth house the question is about his death or recovery.

So I will cast this chart  and  say my true conclusions.

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