The Paris attack

“Police reported that at least 128 people had been killed and up to 300 more injured – including 80 critically – in yesterday’s six attacks, France’s deadliest since the second world war and the worst witnessed in Europe since the 2004 Madrid railway bombings” says The Guardian. (1) ” What about astrology?

Let us start from the event chart, cast for November, 13th 2015 h:9:21 pm


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the first eclipse of 2009

Before  we astrologers can start with astrological predictions, let’s give a quick look where this eclipse is visible, and where it could produce its effects.

Ptolemy in fact writes: “In all eclipses of the Sun and Moon, and especially in such as are fully visible, the place in the zodiac, where the eclipse happens, is to be noted

And about effects of the eclipses  in genitures: “And all these general affections, of whatever kind, whether good or evil, will be principally felt by those persons in whose individual nativities there may be found the same disposition of the luminaries (which are the most essential significators), or the same angles, as those existing during the eclipse which operates the general affection. The same remark equally applies to other persons, in whose nativities the disposition of the luminaries and of the angles may be in opposition to that existing during the eclipse.”

Obviously in conformity with the fact that the eclipses should be visible to them.

In this case it seems to me we are very far from danger 🙂

In every case traditional regions under Aquarius, the sign where the eclipse falls are:

1) Sarmatia: a part of modern Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Central Asian nations and some central European countries such as Romania and Poland;

2) Oxiana: a land between Afghanistan and Iran;

3) Sogdiana: a part of Uzbekistan with Samarcanda as capital city;

4) Arabia: all the Arabian peninsula;

5) Azania: the southern coast of Africa;

6) Middle Ethiopia.