Plague, poison and swine flu

Just a quick look to swine influenza.
In Italy we had some cases in tourists recently arrived from Mexico but they are recovering now, on the other hand influenza seems deadly just in Mexico. We can guess some reasons, at least we read them in our newspapers, and we can see others from an astrological point of view.

Considering that  first cases was registered in April, let’s start from the Aries Ingress in Mexico city.

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Marsilio ficino and the star of the magi: “De Stella magorum”

This is one of the most famous sermons and astrological texts written by Marsilio Ficino for Christmas  1482.

Marsilio explains the birthchart of Jesus and the role of Magi: he dismisses the theory of Great Conjunction but he can’t renounce to one of the most known texts of Middle Ages, few lines from Albumasar’s Great Introduction.

Albumasar writes ( from John of Seville)

In its first facie arises a Girl called Darostal by Teucer,[1] and she is a pure  and beautiful virgin, long haired and beautiful in her face, she has two Spikes  in her hand. She is seated upon some  cushions, and  she is feeding a child giving him some soup in a place called Atrium. And people call this child IHESUM,  that in Arab is EICE. Also rising with her a man sitting upon a throne.[2] And arises  with her the Virgo star [3] which is  at the back of the second snake,[4] and  the head of Corvus and the head of the Lion.[5]

But a new world was coming and soon Pico della Mirandola would start his fight against Arab silly astrological theories.





On the Magi’s star, which lead them to the Christ, King of Israel, when he was born

Marsilio Ficino, De Stella Magorum, Praedicationes (1482)

Grant us your favour, My Lord,  show us  this day your star, the one once you showed to the Magi. The star that led the Magi to Christ, may lead us to Christ’s mysteries.

A star shall come out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel. With these words Balaam, in the book of Numbers,[6] foretells the coming of the Messiah. One day a star will rise  in an extraordinary way  in Judea.  Balaam lived in the Eastern area, where Magi lived too, and among them there were some priests very skilled in astronomy, ruling people. Thus, they, attentive students of sky signs, had noticed the event that, according Balaam, would be showed by the prodigy of the star.

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Marsilio Ficino casts his horoscope

Reply to a friend asking Marsilio’s birthday

You are asking me about my birthday; and if our Plotinus, to the friends that often asked him about it, never replied, I’m so touched of your love for me, that I can’t deny anything if not what I’m not able to do.

My birthday was on 19th October 1433.

About the hour, my father Ficino, a doctor, never annotated it, but from his and my mother’s words I inferred it was the 21st. I believe in that moment the first part of Aquarius was already risen, together with Pisces. Saturn in Aquarius was in the Eastern angle, while Mars, in Aquarius too, was in 12th; Sun was in Scorpio, Mercury in the 9th, Moon in Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo in the 7th; in the same house Venus in Virgo, the Part of Fortune in Aries.

Letter to Martin Uranius Prenninger