Stars, trade, magistery, profession and inclinations

We know that traditional astrology is not an uniform group of tools, rules and techniques, so sometimes it’s difficult to find a common thread in it, we should just collect single inputs trying to put them together.

Surely this is the case of profession and trade determination.

Not all the planets can be chosen as significators of trade, but the ones called “of the swift motion”:

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Firmicus, and pictures and paranatellonta

Pictures are taken from the astrological representation of paranatellonta in Villa Te in Mantua,1527




Haedus is in the 20th degree of Aries toward the North…….Also from this star are born shepherds who make sweet songs to rustic pipes.


When the Pleiades are descending in the sixth degree ofTaurus, if this degree is attacked by malefic influence, the natives will perish in a shipwreck. …. But if only malefic planets are in aspect, famous gladiators will be born. After taking many palms and prizes they will die fighting with the sword in the favor and applause of the spectators.

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