We can be heroes, a short reading about David Bowie’s life and death

A very quick look to David Bowie’s chart in the day of his death.  The chart is cast for 9:00 am, the birth time given by parents and the former wife (1), but we like a lot because of Venus culminating at MC.

David Bowie 08/01/1947 h 9:00 am London

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Helen Keller and the diseases of the body

Seeing on TV the twice Academy award winner The miracle worker from Helen Keller’s autobiography I decided to give a look to her chart, as collected in Rodden datababank (I rectified the hour some minutes earlier) .

For those who don’t know the story Helen Keller was a deaf/blind/dumb baby- unable to communicate with the external world who – tutored by a 20 years old half blind teacher, Anne Sullivan – conquered her way to the world and then eventually graduated (she was the first deaf/blind to earn a Bachelor in Arts, being able to read in Braille French, English, Latin and Greek!) and became a writer, a lecturer, a suffragette, an activist and a socialist.

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The colour of fixed stars

The following text was written by Franz Boll in 1917 and has been translated from Italian from a collection of chosen essays.  (( Franz Boll, Astronomia e astrologia nel mondo antico, Nino Aragno Editore 2008 )). The original version is published in the Neue Jahrbucher, XXXIX, 1917, page 19 et ff, as Astronomische Beobachtungen im Altertum.

It is especially dedicated to lovers of fixed stars, of which Boll is surely the unsurpassed reference.

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About beibenie stars and their virtues

A couple of weeks ago  Dr. Ben Dykes- one of my favourite translators, one of the very few to have a proper curriculum studiorum, when the  greater part has a self education, ie no title and competence – posted in Deborah Houlding site a preview of his last work Persian nativities–  which includes al-Khayyat’s Judgement on nativities, and Liber Aristotilis,  a work written by Mashallah and then translated in Latin by Hugo of Santalla around 1100, which is more interesting for me.

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