An alchemical garden

The earliest  followers of this blog know how much I’m freaked with old villas and buildings and old palaces, so I could not lose the opportunity to visit Boboli gardens in the very center of Florence. For some strange coincidence/synchronicity  a couple of days later I started to read Dan Brown’s Inferno (too much frantic for me) and I discovered that Boboli is the initial location of the novel, so it seemed to me one of the meaningful coincidences which I should write about it.

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Caterina de Medici

Caterina de Medici

The black legend about Caterina de Medici depicts her as a wicked woman, adept to black magic and every kind of sorcery in order to keep the power and the throne, and i found this story in several astrological sites too.

Alexandre Dumas writes in his wonderful novel “La reine Margot” about her

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