The Sun enters in Berlusconi’s harem

While newspapers are concentrated on Iran revolt, and astrologers from all the world  too,  your gentle author is going to explore a little a lighter event, an Italian scandal to the light of traditional astrology. She cannot miss the opportunity to talk about her Prime Minister, in fact 🙂

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Syzygy preceding the Winter Ingress

Ptolemy writes “it yet seems to be more consonant to nature, and more consistent with the facts, that the combined positions of the Sun, and the new, or full, Moon, which happen when the Sun is nearest to the points above-mentioned, should mark the four beginnings; and more especially if such combined positions should produce eclipses: thus, from the new or full Moon, taking place when the Sun is nearest to the first point of Aries, the spring should be dated; from that when the Sun is nearest to the first point of Cancer, the summer; from that when he is nearest to the first point of Libra, the autumn; and from that when he is nearest to the first point of Capricorn, the winter.”

I don’t know in the rest of the world but here  weather is so awful so I spent last 5 days without telephone or ADSL line.

So let’s give a look to the Winter preceding sygyzy for Rome.

Moon is the Light above the horizon and the following angle is the Ascendant.


Moon: Mercury by domicile and triplicity, Mars by terms; aspects: Mars (separating), and Mercury and Saturn (applying).

Ascendant: Moon by domicile and triplicity,  Jupiter by exaltation, Mars by terms; aspect: Mars contra-parallel.

I would choose Mercury as ruler, and Mars.

The Syzygy is in the first quadrant, near the Ascendant, moist and increasing in warm.

The Ascendant is in Cancer, wet and cold sign and Pisces – with the same temperament-are on the MC.

Mercury is in the driest part of the chart, at the Descendant, it’s cold because it is still invisible, but it is increasing in moisture (the vespertine rising is on 23rd December).

Mars is combust by the Sun, so I think it’s not will be very cold, but we should expect more rain.