The Decans of Albumasar

After some years from the first edition, the Decans of Albumasar comes back in a paper edition with a detailed preface about the use of decans and the story of this book.

The Decans of Albumasar is a must-read book for astrologers and occultists. It offers the original images of 36 decans, copied in Picatrix, in De Philosophia Occulta, and in tons of other ancient or modern books.

In addition the book gives the properties and the meaning of the fixed stars arising with each decan, with quotes from other significant texts on fixed stars and beibenie.




Plague, poison and swine flu

Just a quick look to swine influenza.
In Italy we had some cases in tourists recently arrived from Mexico but they are recovering now, on the other hand influenza seems deadly just in Mexico. We can guess some reasons, at least we read them in our newspapers, and we can see others from an astrological point of view.

Considering that  first cases was registered in April, let’s start from the Aries Ingress in Mexico city.

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