DJ FAbo, Placidian directions and how to get them with Phasis & Morinus

A friend of mine asked me this morning how to get Placidus’ zodiacal directions in Phasis (1) and Morinus (2), two well known applications for traditional astrology.
Do Morinus and Phasis give the same result? The answer is yes, they do.
Let us choose our example chart, Fabiano Antoniani, the Italian A 39-year-old Italian DJ left blind and tetraplegic by a 2014 car crash, DJ Fabo,  dead after an assisted suicide procedure in Switzerland. (3)

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More on directions (Carrie Fisher & George Michael deaths according Ptolemy)

To George Michael and Princess Leila with love


In the latest years a lot has been written about primary directions and for many astrologers they are not a mystery anymore, especially since they are implemented in several traditional software.   Suddenly anyway I realized that for the new generation of astrologers – the one following ours- is not like that and their Facebook pages are full of wrong examples, with awful and illogical directions following the order of zodiacal signs, which a friend of mine calls “the astrologers living in a place where the Sun sets in the East”.

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The “extracted” chart

In the third book of Quadripartite, Ptolemy introduces something called the “extracted” chart, ie a derivate chart, which is not so stranger to Hellenistic astrology, for example in Vettius Valens. The extracted chart is nothing else than a derivative chart for “persons related to the native from his own nativity (which) are his parents, brothers, spouse, children, servants, friends.”
Anyway Ptolemy is an easy reading only for modern astrologers, who can invariably read Tetrabiblos without any difficult and doubt 🙂 Traditional astrologers on the other hand, should search here and there with pain and discomfort in order to have some insight in the midst of the convoluted language of the Alexandrian Astrologer.
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Semiarc and Alchabitius directions

The subject of semiarc vs. alcabitius method of directing has been discussed since many years (( see above all Kolev and Gansten )).It’s very easy (quite easy at least) to show as the two methods are just one, and we will repeat the experiment here taking our example from Quadripartite, III, 10 (your gentle writer has read the Italian translation cura Prof. Giuseppe Bezza).

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Ptolemy and Placidus primary directions

Like the famous ghost haunting the whole Europe, now and then in the traditional lists and forums the question about the true house system used by Ptolemy arises again and again, especially because now it’s trendy in traditional astrologers of English speaking countries to use whole sign houses following Vettius Valens or to use them together with some divisional method.

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