Ptolemy and Placidus primary directions

Like the famous ghost haunting the whole Europe, now and then in the traditional lists and forums the question about the true house system used by Ptolemy arises again and again, especially because now it’s trendy in traditional astrologers of English speaking countries to use whole sign houses following Vettius Valens or to use them together with some divisional method.

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Calculating rapt parallels, Placido method

A rapt parallel is the aspect between two points –  both rapt by the motion of the Primum Mobile, when they have the same distance from the meridian,  which is proportional to their semi-arcs. Differently from the mundane parallel, where one point is fixed on the natal position, and the other moves, here both are directed. (( Martin Gansten, Primary directions: astrology’s old master Technique (The Wessex Astrologer, 2009 especially page  92).  ))

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Seeing in the future: solar returns, profections, directions

If the primary directions were surely the favourite tool of the traditional astrologer, they generally were used together with solar returns and profections. Only combining the three tools together a prediction is possible- something very far from the modern use of transits.

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A short guide to Ptolemaic primary directions

Reading here and there I see that primary directions are seen as very difficult and occult. It is not like that.

Ideas which are behind are very easy to grasp, and modern software can do all the calculation for us: on the other hand people who have learned them generally use them as a way to show how clever and expert they are.

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Primary directions with (and without) Morinus software

I’ve just finished reading Martin Gansten’s book about primary directions, and I liked very much.

So I believe it’s the opportunity to give some examples  about primary directions using Morinus software,  especially because here in Italy we don’t use Kolev formulae- better said, we use them but put in another way.

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