An election of the Coronation for the Duke of Mantua by Giovanni Antonio Magini

As wrote in the previous post about Laura Malinverni’s lecture in Genova (( see  here )) Renaissance astrology is  my favorite field of study, because we can see how real astrology 🙂 worked and how Hellenistic and Medieval techniques were applied in practice, included differences and interpretations of Sacred Astrological Texts.

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divisors, chronocrators, almutens and more in a Renaissance geniture

Very recently the Italian astrologer Grazia Bordoni put on line here for  her column in the  site Armonics an old lecture written  by Maurizio Malagoli  for Venice CIDA Congress about the geniture of Alfonso d’Este, illegitimate son of the Duke of Ferrara Alfonso I,  Lucrezia Borgia husband.

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Will the king of Naples die?

The following is the translation from Latin of an horary question  asked to the prophet- astrologer Annius of Viterbo. The querent is Galeazzo Sforza, duke of Milan, who was inquiring about the health of his enemy Don Ferrante of Aragon, King of Naples, who was sick in his bed.

Planetary positions as given in the Latin  text are:

Sun 11 Sagittarius, Moon 24 Libra, Mercury 11 Sagittarius, Venus 29 Scorpio, Mars 9 Virgo, Jupiter 9 Aquarius, Saturn 9 Leo Rt., Dragon Head 2 Libra.

The question is if the King is dead, he is going to die or if he will recover.

In the beginning I was in doubt if this is a radical chart, but after checking carefully the chart where Mars ruler of the Ascendant, and   ruler of MC by exaltation, and ruler of the Sun by exaltation is in the sixth house, I judged it radical enough. It means You are worried with the illness of the King, and because  it’s the ruler of  both the Ascendant and the eighth house the question is about his death or recovery.

So I will cast this chart  and  say my true conclusions.

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Love in Renaissance Rome

This morning, as every year, I visited the traditional  Christmas books’ exhibition and I had the opportunity to attend a lecture about the star crossed love between Raffaello Sanzio, the famous painter and the beautiful Fornarina, made immortal by one of his paintings.

Who was that woman is not clear but many say she was Agostino Chigi‘s wife, the richest man of  Europe.

Agostino was not just a famous banker but even a famous  artists’ patron and a believer of astrology. He had painted for his villa alongside Tiber one of the most important and beautiful astrological ceiling of every age.

Some years ago this was the subject of one of most wonderful lectures at the Italian Astrological Association Congress, still now strange and  ill fated  events don’t allow the translation of  the complete text. At the moment what remains is the mysterious birth chart of Agostino, future is in God’s hands.

Agostino Chigis birthchart
Agostino Chigi's birthchart

….and Henry II

Henry II
Henry II

About Caterina de Medici’s husband, it is well know the prognostication Luca Gaurico made for him.

Percopo, Gaurico’s biographer mentions it: “Itinera tamen aquea videntur infausta et ab equis nonnihil impedimenti et lachrimulis ex oculo sinistro fluentibus

“Travels by water are inaspicious and accidents with horses and tears from the left eye.”

While in his Tractatus, Gaurico mentions the wonderful stellium of Sun (in his exaltation), Venus and Moon  at the Ascendant, which would influence countries under Aries.  In effect Moon was in Sagittarius, not in Aries- Cardano immediately caught his enemy’s mistake.

Still the prediction remained true: in 1559 King Henry was mortally wounded  to the eye by  a lance  during a tournament.