The snow falls in Rome

The year 2012 starts with a special event: after 26 years (in 1986) the snow comes back in Rome.  A traditional astrologer cannot help to see at sky,  especially those engaged in traditional astrology,  because weather and wonders were obviously the most ancient field of application of our art.

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The sky in the Church

Readers of my blog know quite well how astrology was important in Rome. It was important for Latins, but much more in Renaissance and late Renaissance. There was almost nothing done without consulting the astrologers, even inside the same Catholic Church. I believe of some  interest to give a deeper look to the famous sundial of Santa Maria degli Angeli, one of the most important Italian ones, built by the astronomer Francesco Bianchini in 1702 in the church designed by Michelangelo.

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In the city of simple herbs, with Hildegard and Avicenna

In Medieval Latin the word “medicamentum simplex” was a single herb used as a medicament while several herbs used together were called a “medicamentum compositum. “

From this  Medieval abbeys gardens and later universities gardens where herbs were cultivated for study and medical use were called “Hortus Simplicium“, gardens of simple (medicaments).

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Argoli, the fox and the internet

Traditional astro-lists in the net are a precious source of  knowledge (and friendship), and I’d like to mention two different threads worthy to inquire about and mix a little how I like to do very often.

The first one appeared in The Real Astrology and it was about an Italian translation of two important works of Andrea Argoli, a well known mathematician, astronomer and astrologer- one about primary directions and the other about decumbiture and critical days.

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The foundation horoscope of Rome


In these days we are celebrating the birthday of Rome, which according the tradition was founded by Romulus on the 21st April  753 bC. This tradition is very old and  derives from the city’s birthchart. Still everything is not so easy as it seems.

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