The foundation horoscope of Rome


In these days we are celebrating the birthday of Rome, which according the tradition was founded by Romulus on the 21st April  753 bC. This tradition is very old and  derives from the city’s birthchart. Still everything is not so easy as it seems.

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About the thema mundi

Destiny determines character in a certain way.
The fact to live in a city like Rome and to have the opportunity of visiting the most important museums in all Europe – British Museum in London, Louvre in Paris, Pergamon in Berlin, Uffizi in Florence –  and hundreds of exibitions gives me an idea of what the words art and painter mean.

This is an evident example of what Art is, about the rest I’m a little skeptical:

The creation of the man
Michelangelo - The creation of the man

The creation of the world is a central point in traditional cultures and obviously was easily linked with astrology. Everybody remember the short opening paragraph of Genesis, which was easily converted in an astrological way by Teophilus of Edessa (CCAG 5).
– the first day is the day of the Sun because in this day God begins the creation with the Light;

– the second day is the day of the Moon because in this day God divided the waters from the rest;
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