The hanging soul: bipolar disorder and traditional astrology

The bipolar disorder is  is a disorder with periods of depression and periods of elevated mood, which in the humoral system is connected to the vapours of the black bile – the cold and dry melancholia- which predominates and obstructs the brain. Obviously the perfect remedy for this illness are hot oils warming and anointing the head and dissolving the corrupted bile.
Quoting Galen, Maimonides lists 16 signs of the disorder:

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The Hellenistic/Vedic case for ascensions

Astrology is not an archetype as many tend to think, but rather it is a model of the sky which is transmigrated from place to place, adapted to the local cultures, improved, enriched from the multicultural mix, it is in a word like a living being.

This idea is not new, it is well known inside academies, but not so between astrologers, in part because of the modern idea of “archetype”, in part because cultural barriers and impossibility to face the fact that the Mediterranean sea was in the Antiquity the real centre and core of the world.
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