A new subscription to AM

This morning I tried to renew my subscription to Angelicus Merlin list, from which I was deleted almost an year ago.

Which was my fault and mistake? That I told in public that Anton Grigoryev stole my money and betrayed a 4 years friendship.

Official reason: “I was lying”. Lying about what it’s unclear because I was sure that Dorothy Kovach  was not in Russia with me to see what happened during my staying there, she did not read the letters Anton sent me, she was not here when I was working at the article  about Agostino Chigi Anton used for “his” lecture in Moscow, June 2007.

In every case I see this year organizers did not invite him, but maybe  in a few days Anton will write a report in his blog about his fame in Russia. I bet he will do in a few days, I know him quite well.

Maybe it’s because he does not say how he copies here and there from others, and that he is going to publish Cardano aphorisms, copied by the Italian translation made by Giuseppe Bezza and which we bought here in Rome during one of his staying here, before he would steal the silverware. How one who has a secondary technical school can translate Renaissance Latin? Why he is translating just that book and not Cardano’s comment to Tetrabiblos- which is the most important of Cardano works? Just because he has no translation from which he could copy.

Why I should be out from AM and  true friends just because I was so stupid to believe to someone who told me “he had just a word” and then disppeared without an explication and without giving  me back MY money and credit card (for having this back I should thank just Dorothy)? If there is one who should be far from honest people is Anton, not surely me.

I will keep updated if my subscription in AM will be approved, which I have many doubts.  In Italy – I don’t know in the rest in the world – a friend of thieves is a thief him/herself , still at the moment my mail is banned from AM.

And in every case in my country  a “man” who hides behind the back of women and let women pay his debt – has just a name, as the one who steals them money.

Please, come back very soon, in a couple of days – after wonderful Thomas article–  I will post about Algol, me too.


Considering Todd and other people wrote me, I want explain better my words.

I don’t think Dorothy is a thief or she is dishonest, or she is involved in Anton’s actions.

I’m just surprised she deleted me from AM while Anton is still an owner there, because I did nothing else than believing in Anton and trusting in his words. I know it’s difficult to believe when someone we know behave like that, because our world is very different and we are not used to these kind of actions.
Still now I can’t believe my eyes, and I always hope to be wrong.

Yet, when a man takes money from a woman and then disappears without a word, just withdrawing even  the last 20-30 euro from the Paypal account she opened for him, without giving back the money she lent him,  when till the day before he wrote her all his friendship, I cannot understand nothing else than what I wrote about Anton.

It’s difficult to believe, but there is no other explanation, this is the evidence of the facts. So now Dorothy knows this, and knows how Anton is going to publish Cardano’s aphorisms as his translation from Latin, while it’s just a translation from Giuseppe Bezza’s Italian version- a book published in 1998- and she knows how Anton puts between his lectures under his name an article he wrote with me, and already published in Italy with both names and much more.

So because I know she is honest and hates thieves and dishonesty, I invite her to think a little about this sad story and me and Anton and AM.

4 thoughts on “A new subscription to AM

  1. I’ve had enough of this, Gjiada. Please remove any references to my web site from your blog. I would prefer not to be associated with so much venom.


  2. In your country a man can steal to a woman, betraying friendship and hospitality and then disappearing with her money and her credit card?

    And you or Dorothy knew which words were between me and Anton?
    I’m sure not, but you know more than me, is it like that, true?

    I don’t care anything to be in AM if this means hiding and distorting truth. If Anton who is a thief and a profiteer is welcomed there, then it’s not a place for me.

    In my country a man who steals and profits from a woman – after having asked to Russian police if he could have some problem here in Italy- is less than a worm, he is like dead, because nobody wants to mix with him.

    And in every case it seems that even in Russia, people understood who he is. When an astrologer for a congress lectures a text that is already published with someone else, it does not look very proper, but they should be full of venom in Russia, too….

    I’m sorry, for me it was very difficult to face this truth, because unlikely you or Dorothy I believed to know Anton very well, and he came here and I went in Russia, I would REALLY believe facts are different, but when a man disappears with your money and credit card and refuses- not just to give any explanation- but even to give back your things, which are the facts?


  3. Well, all I can say is that I can´t understand, for the life of me, why would anyone want to participate in AM.
    you are WAAAY better off without them, trust me.

  4. Because I hate all this situation, and I cannot understand why Anton could disappear overnight with the money and credit card when I believed blindly in his words and in him, and why I should be quiet in silence after something like that in order to stay in AM, I should let Anton can lie and steal and profit of me without protesting…

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