The Decans of Albumasar

After some years from the first edition, the Decans of Albumasar comes back in a paper edition with a detailed preface about the use of decans and the story of this book.

The Decans of Albumasar is a must-read book for astrologers and occultists. It offers the original images of 36 decans, copied in Picatrix, in De Philosophia Occulta, and in tons of other ancient or modern books.

In addition the book gives the properties and the meaning of the fixed stars arising with each decan, with quotes from other significant texts on fixed stars and beibenie.




The Hellenistic/Vedic case for ascensions

Astrology is not an archetype as many tend to think, but rather it is a model of the sky which is transmigrated from place to place, adapted to the local cultures, improved, enriched from the multicultural mix, it is in a word like a living being.

This idea is not new, it is well known inside academies, but not so between astrologers, in part because of the modern idea of “archetype”, in part because cultural barriers and impossibility to face the fact that the Mediterranean sea was in the Antiquity the real centre and core of the world.
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Astronomy, astrology and astral divination in the Ancient East and Persia, a lecture by Prof. Antonio Panaino

The following is an abstract of the lecture kept in Sophia at the New Bulgarian University on  the 19th November 2009 by Prof. Antonio Panaino, the famous Italian Orientalist, Professor of Alma Mater Studiorum and Isiao – the Italian Institute for Africa and East.
I should thank Dimitar  Kozhuharov who kindly sent me the file; bibliography and pictures  mine.

Everybody believes to know what astrology is, but even between scholars there is a lot of confusion about the real meaning of this word, so it’s necessary to give some basic definitions about words like astrology, astral divination, astrolatry which are not necessary connected. In the same time we can shed some light on the idea that astronomy derives from astrology, being  the latter the  modern and rational offspring while the former is  irrational and primitive source.

It is not like that.

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