Mundane, 2012 and the bogus earthquake

Obviously Italy is not preserved from 2012 prophecies believers, (( For a satiric abstract of all the calamities you can read: )) but (un)fortunately we have ours in addition, and astrological ones too. If  it is not enough the end of the world in 2012, Rome and its inhabitants are doomed to perish in a couple of days, on May 11th 2011.

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Astrological notes about Indonesia and Samoa quakes

In the previous days we could read about two deadly earthquakes  and the tsunami which shook Indonesia in Asia and American Samoa Islands almost in the same moment, and unfortunately victims could be more than 1000.

Scientists and experts of earthquakes deny that there could be a link between the two events. But this is true for us, students of astrology? The greater part of astrologers – especially traditional ones, who are more attentive to eclipses -are running to evoke the Sun eclipse of the 22nd July 2009, and put together the two deadly earthquakes.

But it is really like that? I don’t think so – the nasty girl 🙂

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Obama inauguration

A quick look to Obama inauguration chart:

Venus is the ruler of the Ascendant and the almuten of the chart – at least according Solar Fire, I’m too lazy to calculate it by hand. It is in a very good position by essential and accidental dignity: in her exaltation and  triplicity. It is visible and vespertine – which is the strongest and benefic position for inner planets-  in the house of Bonus Daemon and accomplishments.
She rules the Part of Fortune and she is with her in a tight conjunction.

Mercury, ruler of the second house of money  and finance is at MC, cazimi – in the heart of the Sun, in Aquarius where it is the ruler of the Air triplicity by night.

Sarapione of Alexandria writes about Cazimi:

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