The Decans of Albumasar

After some years from the first edition, the Decans of Albumasar comes back in a paper edition with a detailed preface about the use of decans and the story of this book.

The Decans of Albumasar is a must-read book for astrologers and occultists. It offers the original images of 36 decans, copied in Picatrix, in De Philosophia Occulta, and in tons of other ancient or modern books.

In addition the book gives the properties and the meaning of the fixed stars arising with each decan, with quotes from other significant texts on fixed stars and beibenie.





Placidian directions with Bianchini’s latitude in Worsdale’s Collection of nativities

Reading a Facebook post about the opening nativity of Worsdale’s Collection of Remarkable Nativities (1) about the nativity of Robert, an unfortunate child, found dead in 1797, without any reason.

This is his chart as drawn by John Worsdale.

The Nativity of Robert Twelves

Then the astrologers rectifies the nativity: in fact when Robert was three, he had a limb broken.

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Stars, stones, herbs, images of Quindecim Stellis according La révélation d’Hermès Trismégiste (1944)

The so called

Quindecim stellis

Courtesy Morgan Library, Confessio Amantis

is one the most famous astro-magical treatises of Middle Ages, and it was incorporated in several Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern books, for example in Ficino’s De Vita III and Agrippa’s Philosophia Occulta.

There are several variants, mostly divided into 3 groups:

Dodekatemoria in Alfonso d’Este Anonymous horoscope



Several years ago I commented some techniques employed by an unknown astrologer in a judgement written for Alfonso d’Este, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Ferrara. This judgement contains many  tables summarizing several traditional techniques: of some I have already talked here.

Someone asked  me about the table concerning dodekatemoria.

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Available on Amazon: The Medieval book of zodiacal degrees and Moon mansionsTwo

Two astro-magical extracts from the famous Vat.Reg.1283, “Astromagia”, a manuscript written at the court of Alphonse the Wise. the King Astrologer in the XIII century.
The first is above the images ascending with the zodiacal degrees according paranatellonta, the second is a chapter about Moon mansions and their talismans.