The “extracted” chart

In the third book of Quadripartite, Ptolemy introduces something called the “extracted” chart, ie a derivate chart, which is not so stranger to Hellenistic astrology, for example in Vettius Valens. The extracted chart is nothing else than a derivative chart for “persons related to the native from his own nativity (which) are his parents, brothers, spouse, children, servants, friends.”
Anyway Ptolemy is an easy reading only for modern astrologers, who can invariably read Tetrabiblos without any difficult and doubt 🙂 Traditional astrologers on the other hand, should search here and there with pain and discomfort in order to have some insight in the midst of the convoluted language of the Alexandrian Astrologer.
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Profections and birth rectification

While I was writing the article about profections, for a strange coincidence I received the latest  number of Phos, the journal issued by CieloeTerra for their members, dedicated to same subject.

The article written by Marco Fumagalli, very beautiful in the content and sophisticated for graphics, on line here, uses profections to rectify birth times. It gives many examples, included Michael Jackson birth chart, confirming the birth time as rectified by Ben Dykes in his well known article. This is not a new technique: profections can be used as a rectification tool together other astrological tools.

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divisors, chronocrators, almutens and more in a Renaissance geniture

Very recently the Italian astrologer Grazia Bordoni put on line here for  her column in the  site Armonics an old lecture written  by Maurizio Malagoli  for Venice CIDA Congress about the geniture of Alfonso d’Este, illegitimate son of the Duke of Ferrara Alfonso I,  Lucrezia Borgia husband.

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